"Zombie bashing" Is a Winner by elimination game invented by Maj Spinosaurus4.

The idea of the game is having an amount of players each fighting and amount of zombies.

  • There are multiple fenced off areas, each with a pit in the middle leading to either lava or the void.
  • In each area is one player, and 1 Zombie.
  • The player must hit the Zombie into the pit.
  • Whoever gets the Zombie in last loses.
  • In each match an Extra Zombie is added.
  • If the game goes 2 rounds with a tie a death match is held
  • In a death match, the players are given a weapon of choice, the players fight an infinite amount of Zombies, there is a 1 minute (60 second) Time limit, whoever kills the most Zombies at the end of the time limit wins, if there is still a tie it is decided by who has the most item durability left.