Zach Dare is a main character in OutKookDrive's fanfiction trilogy, "The Wielder Chronicles". He is Nya's boyfriend and he cares for her a lot. He has been through a lot with her, from the jungle to university. He is a swordsman, who is admired by many (Harry, Jordan, Liz,). He survives the whole series, and ends up with Nya. In the third book, he and Nya give birth to Kai and Tali Dare

In the series

Herobrine's Legend:

Zach's first appearance was in this book. Sometime before the story's events, Zach became a skilled swordsman in his homeland of Verlatina. He ventured into the jungle because his family wanted him to get more "to earth." While exploring the jungle, he comes upon a shrine to Herobrine in a cave. While there, he sees 2 figures looking around. After attacking one of them, he finds out they are Steve and Nya. Once they go back to Nya's treehouse, Zach introduces himself. Nya instantly forms a bond with him and tries not to embarrass herself. Meanwhile, Steve is becoming increasingly jealous of Zach to the point where he starts to attack Zach (pins him to a tree while yelling). Steve becomes an untrustworthy person, and Zach vows to keep Nya safe. One day, Zach goes out to get supplies when he runs into Herobrine's Temple. While inside, he learns about the Wielders and Herobrine's backstory through paintings. When he sees a painting of Nya marked 'current wielder', he rushes back to save her. However, he trips and sprains his ankle. Luckily, a big dog/wolf he finds called Harpo carries him back.

When Zach finds Nya, he sees Steve confronting her. Steve reveals himself to be Herobrine and makes Nya drink the Sangue Rosso potion to make her his eternal wielder. Zach tries to interfere, but is stabbed in the stomach with a knife from Herobrine. When he awakes, he finds Harry James has found his body and taken him back to his desert shack to care for him. After meeting Harry (ironically a Zach Dare fan) and telling him his story, the two make a plan to save Nya. Harry gets archery tips from Zach, who he admires highly. After forming a plan to infiltrate Herobrine's Nether Castle, they build a Nether portal and enter. Zach wanders around the castle until he finds Nya. They rejoice and head back to the portal, but are cornered by Herobrine. Zach tells Nya not to listen to the villain, who is trying to win over her using his Steve personna. Nya then shoots him with the Sangue Rosso phial. Zach then stabs Herobrine in the chest with a sword, killing him. Zach, along with his girlfriend Harry, head back to the Overworld.

Herobrine's Revenge: