The Z-Golem is actually a mech with user-friendly commands. They cannot punch and can only go 50 meters away from another Z-Golem. They shoot Z-Balls, balls that damage Z-Golems and vary of color, at each other when commanded. In a Z-Battlefield, a battlefield where Z-Golems fight, there are four types of Z-Battles.

Types of Z-Battles

Ranged Boxing Battle

In RBB, two Z-Golems shoot at each other. When a Z-Ball hits a Z-Ball Pile on the enemy's side, it is instantly teleported to the Z-Ball Pile Space of the enemy's side, while hitting a Z-Ball with another Z-Ball makes it bounce when on either side, but when in the middle, the Z-Balls bounce side to side.

Ball Hockey

In BH, there is no firing at each other's Z-Golems indicated, though you can shoot at the others, but will not decrease their health points. You have to shoot at a Z-Puck, a hockey puck, into the end of the enemy's side, otherwise you lose when the puck reaches your side. The puck rather looks like a triangular metallic puck.

Target Shot Battle

In TSB, you and your enemy have the same side. You try to shoot robots. Once you hit on a robot adds a point to your score, otherwise when your enemy hits a robot, a point is also added to the enemy's score. The Z-Golem with the most points wins.


The Z-Tournament is a 10-player-game, 5 on one side and 5 on the other side. It is only held in the Z-Battlefield once every 2 years, and the winners are given a Z-Medal, a medal given to Z-Tournament Winners (Duh). The winners are the ones who had the most hits of his side, and when his side had the most hits. They are then sent to a magical world very similar to the real world, but they can do or go to whatever or wherever they want to go to. They can even buy items exclusive to the magical world.

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