Wither sickness is the disease inflicted on those bitten by a Wither or cut by a Wither Sword. The disease isn't fatal on its own, but minor wounds can become lethal while infected. It also can be contracted by being in close proximity to a wither for too long.


The symptoms of Wither sickness include high fever, a grayish tinge to skin and blood, and an inability to heal wounds.


  • Steve's Adventure: Steve is hit by the Wither, contracting the disease at its most effectively delivered. However, by the end of the day he is able to take the monster out with his crowbar.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode: In Episode 2: If Petra is saved from the Witherstorm, she'll tell Jesse she contracted the illness not long afterwards while they follow Ellegaard or Magnus (does not matter which choice we will make, Petra still will show us her arm). If Gabriel is saved instead then he'll tell Jesse he contracted it multiple times before, but the Witherstorm has caused him to get a more lethal case of the Wither sickness.