The White Void is a void made of white space. The entire dimension is made of a mostly flat surface of pure white bedrock retextures. While there can be some slight difference in height, as in a grassland biome, mountains and hills will never generate.

The surface of the white void is largely a flat plane, similar to the grassland. The most common generated structure is a 20-block tall tall, 3 by 3 pillar that sometimes has vines growing on it. A rarely generated structure is the Void Shrine, a 3 block tall pyramid with a Stone Eye and some two block tall poles to hide behind on it.

It is eternally day, but rather than a sun or moon, the Void Eye constantly hovers in the sky. Clouds are near the ground, rather than the sky, and the only weather (other than clear) is highly uncommon and will make Molten Tears fall from the sky.

The only mob to spawn naturally is the Blue Fast, an oddly named mob which resembles a blue, headless player and has a Speed II effect, which runs eternally in one direction and drops the blue chisel when killed.

Killing a Stone Eye is the only way to return from the dimension.

The Blood Amulet allows access to the dimension, and corrupts its wearer's mind with an unmitigated insanity.

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