"Crecshon endu surv'l el rul'r Multheia"
-Th'r nitschon'l motto


"Mineulethians rule creation and survival"
-Their national motto

Location] Currently: Mineu, Western Minecraftia

Occupation Construction

Goal: To protect the governing citizens of modern Minecraftia along side the other echelons.

Mineulethia is a country in Minecraftia that has its literacy known as Mineulethian language. Mineultheians respect their country and look well to report crime-makers such as killers, robbers, and griefers to the Mineultheian cops.

National Anthem (Creschon endu Surv'l)

Crecshon endu surv'l el rul'r Multheia (Mineulethians rule creation and survival)

Br'gel ex, r'spc't 'nly enteo endu prt'ct centr'thei (We do not brag, only respect and protect our country)

Unes w'gust enteo prt'ct centr'thei (We want to respect our country)

K'tei unes ex, j'luk unes og'hul (If we do not, in our jail we fall)

Crecshon endu surv'l el rul'r Multheia (Mineulethians rule creation and survival)

(Pretty short, right?)


  • Food: Cake
  • Game: Spleef
  • Fruit: Gold Apple
  • Mineral: Emerald
  • Tool: Pickaxe
  • Item: Leather
  • Plant: Wheat
  • Block: Grass
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Flag: Look right! -->

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