The official vanilla Minecraft models of Werewolves.

The Werewolf is a hostile mob that only occurs when a minecraftian is bitten by a alpha werewolf on a blue moon. The minecraftian turns into a large beast that has 16 Hearts and turns back into a minecraftian when the sun comes up. If a player is bitten, the player may be transformed into a werewolf but only with a 15/50 chance. The Werewolf attacks any mob except wolves wich it commands, making it easy  for them to hunt prey items, including a large squad of Zombie Pigmen. They also do not attack Dylanuses for some reason. It is useful to use gold and iron but anything can kill it in minecraftian form but it changes right before death. Werewolves appears as a minecraftian with ripped cloathes and is not hostile until night falls. A werewolf bite can kill a Vampire, if either a werewolf or a vampire had started the fight and if a werewolf won a fight, but if a vampire won a fight, the vampire kills a werewolf with vampire bite.

Damage Rating

Mode Damage
Easy 2.5
Medium 3.5
Hard 4.5


The Werewolf drops werewolves curse ,werewolf claws ,and raw meat


The werewolves will give up chase to kill a vampire. They cannot enter a house if you have vines over your door (vines are a substitute for wolvesbane)


Werewolves have increased speed, they do not get sick, they have extreme strength, and they can see very well in the dark.

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