The Werewolf is a hostile mob that only occurs when a minecraftian is bitten by a alpha werewolf on a blue moon. The minecraftian  turns into a large beast that has 16 Hearts and turns back into a minecraftian when it the .sun comes up If a player is bitten, the player may be transformed into a werewolf but only with a 50/50 chance. The Werewolf attacks any mob except wolves wich it commands, making it easy prey for a large squad of Zombie Pigmen. It is useful to use gold and iron but anything can kill it in minecraftian form but it changes right before death.Werewolves appear's as a minecraftian with ripped cloathes and is not hostile until night falls.A werewolf bight can kill a vampire.

Damage Rating

Mode Damage
Medium 3.5
Hard 4.5


The Werewolf drops werewolves curse ,werewolf claws ,and raw meat


The werewolves will give up chase to kill a vampire.They cannot enter a house if you have vines over your door (vines are a substitute for wolvesbane)


Werewolves have increased speed,they do not get sick,they have extreme strength,and they can see in the dark

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