This is the first episode of Ultra Hardcore Season 2.


Thinknoodles:Hey everyone! It's your friend Thinknoodles and welsome to UHC season 2 uhh this time we got a few of your favorotes returning aaand uh plenty of new faces and as you can see weve got 24 particapants today split up into 8 teams of 3 weve also got a custome pluggin that is made just for this event and graser's goanna tell us about it

Graser: yes i will alright hey everyone welsome back to UHC season 2 weve made alot of changes since season 1 as they mention their are 8 teams of 3.Each team has their own associated color on the tablist that players can difreenchiate between then  wether looking at health and status updates about every playerof the game uhhh if a player disconnects like we had this problom last time in season 1 you got 10 minites to reconnect if you surpass 10 minutes we can make acceptions i think but don't do that if you surpass 10 minutes your not going to be able to get back to the server and your season is over now regarding the nether since regen potions are banned and since this is a costome pluggin i just wanted to remind all of you that ghast's do not drop tears they drop gold ingots when you kill them so that can help you get a golden apple or whatever blah blah blah blah notch apples are banned although any of you are actually going to find that much gold unless your strip mining or something which leads me to strip mining thats banned as well sooooo health is not shown accordingly if you take damage you can see my name in yellow we havn't started the game but health will now show in the ten health points or whatever not 20 so it'll be more less it'll be less confusing sorry for veiwers uhhhhh we have a new effect actually its pretty cool when TNT goes off or any kind of explosion i think blocks fly in the air this is not a glitch this is part of the pluggin and we some some adjustments this season in terms of mods no better sprint none of that the only permitted mod is optifine since were doing teams of 3 if you die in your team you'll have to leave the skype call and the server aaaaaaaand yeah that's about it the server was hosted by mineplex you can play in out game at i think i went over everything.right think is that it?


graser:all right

thinknoodles:i'll just introduse the teams then we'll go


thinknoodles:ssssso i guess first is my team the teaspoon smuggling perfessionals

graser:ho ho

thinknoodles:Patclone and starboy and then we haaaave kricken standing in the middle

kricken:yo whats up

thinknoodles:with #2 much swag with steelsaint and i deactivate and over here we have kermits team

kermit:(makes a weird sound)


thinknoodles:i forgot your name

kermit:(makes the weird sound again)


thinknoodles:oh im sorry its team nicolas cage 

everyone:(laughs again)

thinknoodles:sorry about that. That's dul,LaberosStar weve got graser's team team bowling pins with TYBZI and poke

graser:team bowling pins

thinknoodles:aaand that's what i said 


graser:i know i know i just wanted to empasize it

thinknoodles:and then we have magneticMC,Flexvoid and dr playstation nation with mobs in black obviously check their suit and then we have dowsey's team with forstaken and HBOMB not just dowsey's team it's everybody's thing here 


thinknoodles:and they are

graser:and guys by the way their are no team captain's no team captain's you know that


graser:everybody is equal the power of their team there's no person or single individual who will represent a team 

thinknoodles:ok then we have vasehh rusher's dolphins with campingrusher vasehh and child dolphin and then we have team grapeapplesause or grapapplesause,strauberryjam and guntexs and these are team crud 


thinknoodles:allright everyone 

graser:can i just take a second to explain how UHC works before we get started 


graser:if your not fermiliar with UHC basically 2000 by 2000 map everyone is scattered at least 200 blocks away from eachother and this case its teams are scattered 200 blocks from eachother PVP is goanna be dissabled for 20 the first 20 minutes as pre usual accept the pluggin does that automatically for us so if you accidentely hit your cay... or by accident hit your teammate or something it won't work until 10 or 20 minutes are up.Friendly fire is on you are able to hit your teammate but don't do that or you will lose uhhhh yeah golden apples are the ways of healing unless you want to go to the nether and try to get potions of healing and uhhh yeah that's about it UHC everybody 

thinknoodles:all right good luck everybody

everybody:(cheers and spawns into their place)

thinknoodles:ok guys this is starting welcome to ultra hardcore im here with patclone and starboy is i think you already know OMG guys go go best spawn ever (see a village)

patclone:please be a blacksmith

thinknoodles:THEIR IS A BLACKSMITH i see it allready

patclone:ooooh watch out for zombies 


patclone:oh my gosh 

starboy:we are doing this all in 1 bout

thinknoodles:YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! we got obsidian we got an apple

starboy:oh i got an apple

thinknoodles:we got 5 obsidian so we don't need a diamond pick to make an enchanting table

patclone:oh! dude that's great

starboy:get the bookshelves get the bookshelves


thinknoodles:yeah grab the books yes oh my god!

starboy:we each got the best spawn in the game

thinknoodles:alright im just goanna start getting wood from the houses while we wait (collects wood)

patclone:we gotta be careful someone else might...actually no

thinknoodles:it doesn't matter no PVP


thinknoodles:that's another thing guys no PVP

patclone:i'm goanna grab this table too. Alright


starboy:i'm goanna grab the wheat

thinknoodles:ok yeah yeah yeah good good good and we can grow foods

starboy:even ones that arent even grown yet

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