The Watch is an item in Minecraft that can be used to tell time. It acts like a clock, however, can be worn, making it possible to tell time while traveling. This is efficient, as when you die, you will still have the watch when you respawn.


C = Clock, L = Leather



To put on the watch, simply right-click with it in your hand, and an image of a clock will be shown on the left of the hotbar and on the left of the inventory. To take it off, go in your inventory and click the image of the clock, causing it to come off.


  • Watches can be obtained from librarian villagers by giving them 2-3 emeralds.
  • Watches are rarely dropped by zombies.
  • Watches can be found in dungeon, stronghold, nether fortress, and mineshaft chests and minecart chests.
  • Unlike the clock, watches cannot be stacked.
  • You cannot put watches in an item frame.
  • If you put on a watch in the Nether or End or take a watch off in the Nether or End, the watch will blow up, causing you to die.