the warpther is the wither in Minecraft: the end has risen! mod.


A purple wither with 2 black wings with purple veins of death running thrugh them. oh yeah and 4 giant tenticals.


  • 1750 heart points
  • 30 dmg (tentical)
  • 50 dmg (purple wither skull) (note that the explosion is as big as a blue wither skull!)
  • 70 dmg (black wither skull) (the explosion is 3x bigger then blue wither skull)
  • insta kill (if you take 5 days to kill it)

how 2 summun

Ummmmmmm....simaler to a wither. ER=enderack WSK=Warp elite skull





flys around shooting purple wither skulls, often shooting a black wither skull. Also hitting you with his tenticals.

After 5 days, he will shoot a green wither skull that 1 hit kills you. if you are currently hiding, the warpther will teleport to your area, and THEN shoot the skull.

if battled in the overworld/nether:

it does almost the same thing as the Enderdragon 2.0 but instead the mass is black, and it spawns a giant Rumbling Basher to destroy you. (note that rumbling bashers are NOT part of this (fanon) mod)


Havens charuptiun (25-50) used to make a Portal to go to the next boss.

WIP. add more!

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