A volcano biome is a biome resembling extreme hills, but many of the mountains have been replaced by volcanoes, which are similar to mountains, except for being made largely of cobblestone and obsidian, and sometimes filled with lava.

Volcanic dungeons

Volcanic dungeons are large underground structures that spawn only in volcano biomes.


  • Hallway: a simple hallway.
  • Lava river: Two 1 block wide obsidian walkways a block above a 2 block wide lava river.
  • Magma spring: a 3x3 hole in a 4x4 room, in the middle of this hole is a lava source block.
  • Condemed mine: a hallway with iron bars at each end, often filled with lava or containing a magma cube spawner.
  • lava pillar room: a lagre, circular room (9 blocks at the very middle) with a pillar of lava in the center.
  • Diamond room: A room with walls made of diamond ore, they sound very OP, but behind the diamond ore that makes up the wall is a large amount of lava.

Since most hostile mobs do not spawn in the light levels of the lava, Silverfish and Magma cubes sometimes spawn within the volcanoes, but the latter do not drop any magma cream when killed.


  • Based this biome off of an SG arena I was working on for a server owned by Rocket12345, who has long since shut down the server.

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