The Voidwarp Nether is the Voidwarp dimension of the Mega Ghast. It is accessed using the Nether Sinmur.


The Voidwarp Nether consists of a large bedrock barrier two blocks thick, 256 blocks wide, and 128 blocks tall. Inside this cubic containment unit is entirely Netherrack. In the center of the Voidwarp Nether is a very large oval-shaped area of air. The north-south axis of this area is the long axis. Inside this oval, the bottom of which generates at y=0, is a lava ocean that generates up to y=32.
In the very center of the Voidwarp Nether's oval area a 2x2 nether brick pillar is generated, and generates up to y=40, and at the top is a 20x20 nether brick platform. The player will spawn at a random location on this.
At the southernmost edge of the oval area the Mega Ghast spawns.
The Voidwarp Nether is populated by Nether Quartz Ore, Bloodstone Ore, Cobalite Ore, and Selemit Crystal.


When a player enters the Voidwarp Nether, the 3x3 section of the platform around the block they spawn on will be regenerated. When the Mega Ghast spawns, the entire platform will be regenerated.
When the Mega Ghast is not present in the Voidwarp Nether, Cobalite Golems can spawn. These enemies will be slain by future generations of the Mega Ghast, so they will not be a danger in battle. This can also be circumvented by wearing Cobalite Armor.
When the Mega Ghast is slain, a Celestis Configuration spawns in a random location on the nether brick platform.

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