The Voidwarp Mine is the Voidwarp dimension of the Fusion Beast.


The Voidwarp Mine has bedrock layers at y-0 and y-255. All space between is filled with ore-generated stone.
Ore generation from the origin to about 100 blocks away is about three times more common than in the overworld, with the same vein size and all ores generating at all heights. From 100 blocks away to about 225 blocks away, ore generation is approximately two times more common than overworld generation. From 225 blocks away to about 800 blocks away, ore generation is approximately 1.5 times more common than overworld generation. Past 800 blocks, ore generation resurges to about 2.5 times more common than overworld generation. This makes the dimension often targeted as an ore source.
At approximately x0, z0 is an irregular spheroid shape of air approximately thirty-five blocks wide and tall. This is where the Fusion Beast spawns. Overworld-style caves generate connected to this spheroid for about 500 blocks outward.

Ore Generation

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