The Voidwarp End is the Voidwarp dimension of the Mjalnis Dragon.


The Voidwarp End has the sky of the normal End, and is made from End Stone. There is a geoid sphere of End Stone at the origin. It is 51x51 blocks and around it is a ring of seven smaller islands made of Voidstone (see the dragon's perch).
The Voidwarp End has a few small hills and spires of End Stone. There are also small cracks in the sphere that contain lava. This is how the Voidwarp End is lit.
At the exact origin (0, 128, 0) there is a 3x3 platform of obsidian. This is where the player spawns.
At the southernmost side of the Voidwarp End, instead of the eighth Voidstone island, is an 11x11 obsidian pillar, stretching diagonally up at an exact 45 degree angle. It is at the top of this giant pillar that the Mjalnis Dragon perches.
Multiple veins of Selemit Crystal encrust the bottom of the geoid shape.


The 3x3 obsidian platform will always fully regenerate when a player enters the Voidwarp End. The entire Voidwarp End will regenerate when the Mjalnis Dragon spawns.
When the Mjalnis Dragon is slain, an End Portal spawns at y=164, above the Voidwarp End. This is deleted when the Mjalnis Dragon comes back.

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