Villainbrine is Herobrine's good brother. He is Steve with inverted colors, and despite the "brine" in his name, he is a good brother of Herobrine. Instead of griefing, he often helps Steve build, and helps kill hostile mobs. He often uses flight and teleport power during the night to guard Minecraftians' houses. In the Great Battle, his brother Herobrine forced him to fight him, and he did. Then he made the Metal Crucifix, and used its weapons to face Herobrine. All weapons except the Shield, of course, which he never expected that would be morphed by Steve. Herobrine used a dark magic sword. When the swords clashed together, Villainbrine said that he was sorry, then he flipped the sword back, he turned around and stabbed Herobrine successfully. He is a user of both light and dark magic.

Both types of magic were used by Villainbrine to defend innocent people. He used dark magic to destroy Steve's old statue and used light magic to make a new one, which looked much better and much more accurate. He is the only Minecraftian that has access to hidden blocks such as dark brown wool, golden bedrock and glistering melon blocks, as well as hidden items, and has the ability to make his own and put it wherever in his Creative Inventory he wants to put it in, as well as distribute it to different block factories through the materials used to make it. He is also the only Minecraftian that can do ANYTHING he wants to; from place a block to create his own dimension and use all 4 elemental magic as well as the 2 main magical elements. He can also destroy bedrock, end portal frames and take an ender eye from placing. He can also unwind animating magic and teleport anything out of existence.