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Verians are a species in Hestion. They are heavily featured in the second serial of season two of Creatures of the Void.


Verians, though very humanoid, have longer heads with almost no protruding nose. Their eyes are large and entirely black, and their skin is scaly, patterned green and black.

They generally wear robe-styled leather clothing, which masks the motion and shape of their bodies.

They are not nocturnal or diurnal by nature, as they can and do adapt their sleeping schedule to their needs. This causes their cities to be as active during the day as the night.

They are generally not an aesthetically-oriented race, and usually place style at the lowest of the priority list. A notable exception is Sandra, who grows plants in her home. Verians are utilitarian first and foremost, and begin housing areas somewhat erratically, filling in the spaces with haphazardly built homes. This is done so as to avoid monotony, which can cause confusion, whereas a Verian familiar with the design of their home and surrounding neighborhood can find it again easily.


  • They develop the ability to synthesize Gott-Meinian Acid via unknown methods of deriving it from a Worldbolt, though how much of this relied on the Worldbolt in question being occupied by Blackthorn is unknown.


They appear in chapters 22, 23, and 25 of Creatures of the Void.

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