Vampires are uncommon hostile Mobs that attack villagers and turn them into infected they run twice as fast as the player and knock them back a block on a successful attack, they deal 2 hearts of damage and inflict weakness. They only spawn at night and burn in the sun, they drop Dark Essence (25%) and Chipped fangs (50%) in bat form they drop Bat wings (50%).

Vampires take an extra 5 hearts of damage from Holy Alloy weapons. If they are attacked from range or cannot get to you they will turn into a bat and fly to you. They give a distinctive laugh when a player dies in close proximity. If the player is killed by them, an infected carrying their gear will spawn. Vampires rarely spawn wielding a Dark Iron Dagger. and/or pieces of Night-cloth Armour which may be dropped (25% for each item carried).

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