Diamonds infused with the power of Solod the Earthlord. Through the power of his soul, Unfidium does not suffer from entropy, which effectively means all the Unfidium in Minecraftia will last to the end of time. Unfidium looks like diamonds with a greenish tint. Tools made of them are almost impossible to find, as there is only about 100 pounds of Unfidium in existence. Unfidium is much sharper then diamonds, and will never degrade in the slightest.

Materials (template)
Stone: Boron | Celestistone | Dayrock | Nightrock | Obsidian

Gems: Bloodstone | Cobalite | Corruptinium Crystal | Endespark | Geonite | Ruby | Sapphire | Unfidium

Metals: Bronze | Steel | Tin | Zelzivium

Other: Core Alloy | Heavy Iron

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