The train is a vehicle that can cross on 2 block wide rail areas and large rails. They can be walked across and require water and furnace fuel to run.

They are either made of wood, iron, steel, rusted metal, gold or obsidian, each having a different appearance.

Train cars


This car moves other cars and has several openable compartments with 4 item slots. It also has a single compartment allowing the player to access the steam boiler, which can be right clicked to open a GUI. The GUI allows the player to insert water and a furnace fuel, the train will move until one of these runs out.

The player in a wooden train engine ramming a zombie

Trains also have health meters and do damage to anything that comes in front of them at certain speeds.
  • Wood: Looks like a boxy engine like in the illustration, susceptible to fire and will get smashed if it hits Cobblestone or anything stronger.
  • Iron: Looks like an Iron PKP_class_Ok22 it can smash Wooden and Gold trains to pieces and do heavy damage to Steel and Rusted trains.
  • Steel: An EMD SD50, made of solid steel, looks like a dark Steel. It can do heavy damage to Wood, Iron, Rusty and Gold trains, and Moderate damage to Obsidian trains.
  • Rusted Metal: A rusted-over South African Class 25 4-8-4, can do heavy damage to Wood and Gold trains and moderate damage to Iron and Steel.
  • Gold: A rather weak train resembling an MLX01, it is weaker than most other trains but is the fastest train by far. If the engine hits a mob head-on it sends it flying into the air.
  • Obsidian: A Panzerzug engine that can smash through all the other trains easily, save the Steel, which is still heavily damaged easily by it.


Flatbeds are rectangular cars that can hold 8 chests worth of materials, except for liquids, which they cannot hold. They can be dead.

Liquid car

Liquid cars hold liquids, such as water, lava, milk, etc. and have 8 chests worth of storage.