Traders are like villagers but not.


they are one block tall

have a backpack

wear leather armor iron boots leather pants and nothing on top

completely white

stitches for a mouth

red or blue or green or yellow or black eyes


Give get 248 paper 7 diamond

90 emeralds 50 bedrock

2 of all color wool 64 coal blocks

Two anvil, six cakes a full inventory of lava buckets feathers and two golden apples

Four iron and one pumpkin four soul sand and three whiter skull heads

Six full stacks of diamonds and emeralds 7 of all the items and spawns in the game

bow and arrow three cooked chicken

that is all for now!


Found in: caves extream hills and plains LAN world villages and dungeons

health: 1 (baby) 3-7 (adult)

exprience: 1 (baby) 3 (adult)

verson: 2015 april fools - 2017 april fools

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