Toxic waste is a dark teal liquid, it inflicts poison II for 26 seconds, when the player makes contact. Toxic waste will transform water blocks into toxic waste if they make contact.

Toxic waste rarely spawns under the ground, at 20 blocks or lower. Toxic waste also spawns in the end inside

Toxic waste pool

obsidian pillars, and lower in the planetoid.

Toxic waste will mutate pigs into creepers and spiders into cave spiders, it also may transform other mobs into slimes. Toxic waste may rarely spawn a slime or zombie. When the player dies in toxic waste, it will spawn A slime, but if the player escapes the toxic waste a slime will not spawn.

Toxic waste has a chance to give the player one of the following buffs for 30 seconds upon contact:

  • Strength II
  • Swiftness I
  • Water breathing
  • Nausea
  • Blindness
  • Invisibility

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