Tonic the Hedgefox is a mob that will roam Plains and Villages in Orangecraft. Mobs will attack him too.

Health = 40 (20) HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
Basic ThomasMO100 2

Tonic the Hedgefox


Tonic the Hedgefox

Tonic the Hedgefox will roam Villages and Plains, he will jump 3 and a half blocks high and is netural, spawns in daylight. Takes 2 hearts away from you. Rarely holds Excalibur+ and rarely drops it. Also drops 0-3 pumpkin pies and 0-3 cooked/raw chicken

Super Tonic


Super Tonic

Super tonic will only be in Villages, rarely spawns instead of Tonic and can be spawned with spawn eggs or giving Tonic 7 emeralds. He will fight every mob and will fly away from endermen. Is netural and takes 5 hearts of damage away from you. He will fly all times and maximum blocks high from ground is 10. Holds excalibur+ rarely. Drops 7 emeralds, 0-3 pumpkin pie, 0-3 raw/cooked chicken and rarely Excalibur+.


ToNiC.eXe is a rare spawn from Tonic at night, he is hostile and will fight the player and all passive and netural (does not count endermen) mobs. Never holds Excalibur+ and drops 0-6 rotten flesh, rarely a block of diamond and 0-1 pumpkin pie.

Potion Effects

Posion II for 0:30 (attacking him)

Neasue for 0:10 (sometimes when attacking him)

Wither for 0:03 (when killed.)

Blindness 0:15 (punched him 5 times)

Spawn Egg Colors

Tonic - Orange with Blue Spots

Super Tonic - Orange with White Spots

Tonic.EXE - Orange with Red Spots




Version Notes
Indev 0.3 Added Tonic, with Super and EXE types.


You killed the Creator of the Mod! - Kill Tonic

You killed a Super Form! - Kill Super Tonic

ReAdY fOr RoUnD 2?! - Kill Tonic.EXE