Tier dungeons are generated structures, the difficulty and size of which based on Weapon/Armour tiers.

The chests of the dungeons contain items of the theme tier.

Wood dungeon

The Wood dungeon is the easiest dungeon, it is wood-themed. It only contains a staircase downwards and what looks like a normal MC dungeon with a chest containing:

  • Saplings of any kind
  • Wooden Swords
  • Wooden Pickaxes
  • Leather armour

Gold dungeon

The Gold dungeon is the second easiest dungeon, it is gold-themed. It contains a staircase downwards, a large cobblestone room with 2 zombie spawners, and a room based off a normal MC dungeon with a chest containing:

  • Gold Ingots
  • Gold Swords
  • Gold Pickaxes
  • Gold Shovels
  • Gold Armour

Stone dungeon

The Stone dungeon is the middle-difficulty dungeon, it is stone themed. It contains a staircase downwords into a room made of a bedrock variation that looks like smooth stone. The room contains 4 zombie spawners, after that there's a large smooth stone hallway leading to a boss room containing the Stone Eye boss. The Stone Eye boss acts as a living wall, once it's defeated the player may progress into a well-lit version of the normal dungeon room containing:

  • Stone
  • Stone Swords
  • Stone Pickaxes
  • Stone Shovels
  • Stone Hoes
  • Stone Axes
  • Chainmail armour

Iron dungeon

The Iron dungeon is the second hardest dungeon, it is Iron themed. It contains a staircase downwords into a smooth stone like bedrock variation room with a zombie spawner that spawns iron armoured zombies, after that there's a large smooth stone-like bedrock hallway leading to a boss room containing the Iron turret boss. Once the Iron turrent boss is defeated, the player can move past it to another lit room, this time containing:

  • Iron Blocks
  • Iron Armour
  • Iron Swords
  • Iron Pickaxes

Diamond dungeon

The Diamond dungeon is the hardest dungeon, it is made entirley from a bedrock variation made to look like stone bricks. It consists of a Staircase downwords, large dungeon containing a spawner that spawns diamond armour zombies, then leading to a Labrynth of 2 block high, 1 block wide tunnels. After the labrynth, the player has to fight the Diamond Automaton, once it is defeated the player may proceed into a dungeon-like room with a chest containing only Diamonds.

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