The Thunderbolt Tree is a tree in the Cloud Forest. Its unusually white leaves have a very rare cloud formation and its wood can be seen in zig-zag and can turn yellow and glow after the one before it, the light usually coming from the leaves. Its leaves drop Solidified Thunder Cloud, which in turn may be squeezed by dropping gravel onto it. The gravel gets a slightly neutral color and when destroyed, the gravel leaves grey fluid called Squeezed Thunder Cloud, which in turn can be cooked into Squeezed Cloud, which in turn may be drunk to get Regeneration II, Resistance I AND Absorption III. The Solidified Thunder Cloud can also be cooked into Solidified Cloud, which in turn can be dropped sand onto to inflict a brighter value to the sand and when the sand is destroyed, leaves a white fluid, the Squeezed Cloud, and can be taken with a bucket, much like the squeezed thunder cloud.

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