Note: This page was deleted, but it will be remade, with longer chapters and better grammar.

Note 2: 2 dots means the character was interrupted.

Note 3: Steve's last name is Postma.

Chapter One: Strange Things Happen

On Earth, all was simple. The Cyan Shirt Academy was at the awarding ceramony of the Student of the Year award.

Steve*wispering*: I wonder who will get the award.

George*wispering*: If one of us gets the award, i will go crazy.

Announcer: The winner of the Student of the Year is Steeeeve..

Steve: Yes!

Announcer: Makalski!

Steve P.: Nooo....

Steve M.: Yes! I worked so hard for this!

Just before Steve M. gets the award, an earthquake hit and the trophy hit the floor, smashing into a million peices. Before the Emergency Janitor(That exists?) cleaned it up, the pieces went into thin air. Soon after, a dark orb appeared where the smashed trophy was, and the orb soon sucked up Steve M. and everyone else on the stage. Panic was caused, and The Orb grew to the size of a bus and sucked up the whole school, then moving on to a research facillaty where they were modifiying corn....

Anyway, back to the main characters:

Steve P.: Ahghghhh!!!

George: If i die...Bury me with my teddy!


Steve P.: You have a teddy?

George: Well...I....

Steve P.: You are 14 years old for goodness' sake!

George: *Blushes*

Steve P.: Whatever. Feels weird talking in an alternate realm while being sucked through a dark orb. Let's get back to the story.  This interlude was because Judbud was just bored.

Hey! Don't blame me! George is the one who has a teddy!

-End Interlude-

Steve P.: Ahhhhh!!!!!!

Soon they discover they are on ground again.

Steve P.: Erm..George, are you experiencing post-universal travel manipulation? You look...blocky...

George: Same as you.

Steve P.: Well, the building is here...i think...

Anyway, the award ceramony goes on, blah blah blah. Until 4 tall black figures and A even taller figure are seen watching.

???1: So....Who should we bring to her first, master?

Chapter Two: Humanic Theft

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