The matrix dimension.

The matrix is a place full of portals from every dimension even the fanon

The place is purple and is virtually endless and takes you into any dimension and is only accessible through two ways, one is going to the far lands and mining through bedrock but that is a 1/5000 chance or the matrix remote.

It also has mobs from every dimension.

Its a dark place with nothing but portals and mobs from every dimension even the enderdragon, but it is non-hostile there. It also takes you to the dimension of notch. But you have tobuild it out of warp sand wich is a giant arch and a flint and diamond to light it but if you do it with any other flint and item it will take you tou the binary dimensin wich has number blocks and numbermobs.

Crafting recipe for the remote.

Matrix remote

People who have been to the matrix dimension.

Pikaxe11, Gerard_Way and Splosion. But it will happen in the 11th chapter

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