The Void is a cold, dark, unforgiving emptiness in which nothing can survive. However, ever since Herobrine was captured into the Void, It has started to change. A few mobs like creepers, chickens, silverfish, blazes, slime, etc. have adapted to the Void and have turned into Void counterparts.

In Minecraft: A New Start, the Void has now become habitable. The Void can now support you, only if you use the Void Gateway hidden in Void Ruins hidden at bedrock layer. The Void functions differently than other dimensions. The Player can fly around in the Void. Beds, Compasses, and Clocks don't work here.


  • Void Silverfish
  • Void Blaze
  • Void Creeper
  • Void Slime
  • Void Chicken
  • Corrupted Void (Rare)
  • Void Creeper (Exploids And Teleport To Herobrine World
  • Herobrine
  • EnderVillager (Extremely Rare)
  • VosVoid (Says And Appear Void Creeper)


  • Herobrine (Final Boss....???)


  • Void Fortress
  • Void Dungeon
  • Void Ruins

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