The Storming Spino Rebellion is the most powerful army in the small island continent of Dino-Topia its about 700 km (434.96 miles) wide. it has no countrys or provinces, only cities. there are about 622 cities and 5000 towns and 10 known tribes. the cities are constantly under attack, due to the dinosaurs living there, and only there. the highest ranking player is Dinomatt8, the leader of the Storming Spino Rebellion, and the entire country. (his skin sometimes changes to a girl because of a hacker)



His people never live in fear due to one thing: he is the nicest player to have ruled. his family has ruled the kingdom for over 7,000 years. there are very few laws, also making them happy



The Storming Spino Rebellion has a very high ranking millitary, which consits of the entirety of Dino-Topias people and a small bit of elementia's outskirts. they have weapons from a measly spear to russia sized nukes. due to the nukes being outlawed, they cant use them though. they have had one attack from elementia, recently, about 1 hour ago. they are also very evil, anybody who doesn't agree with them, gets annihilated.