The Snowball War is a snowy but dangerous war. Everyone threw charged snowballs at each other to bring them down, and some crafted snow golems to shoot their charged snowballs. Out of 79 million Minecraftians, only Steve and his friends won the war.

It happened in 1574 when the government of Minecraftia declared the beginning of the first ever elections of the new government. Not everyone liked this. They started a charged snowball war.

Over 79 million Minecraftians was the government, but they did not follow the needs of their world.

After the war, everything was melted and most snow golems were punished into the desert where they suffered the heat. Snow golems still exist today because not all snow golems were punished, because some did not go on the war and escaped instead.

The Snowball War was a war that was forever the sorrow of the government of Minecraftia