The Quether is a mystery dimension that is opened through making a portal frame similar to the End Portal's, though with Blocks of Quartz, and you have to throw a ghast tear in. It is the source of Quether Sapphire, which can be crushed into Sapphire Dust or made into armor, tools, swords, and blocks. Sapphire Dust is (fictionally) the replacement for Blaze Powder for Eyes of Ender to make it so that you have to go here first before you go to the End.


  1. Quethergrass (looks like grass but with Quetherdirt bottom and pink top)
  2. Quetherdirt (looks like dirt but lime)
  3. Quetherstone (looks like stone but red)
  4. Quetherwood (looks like wood but teal)
  5. Quetherleaves (looks like leaves but blue)
  6. Quetherbedrock (looks like bedrock but yellow)
  7. Quether Sapphire Ore (based on Quetherstone, has same dots as Emerald Ore but blue)
  8. Acid (lime liquid with combined Water and Lime Wool textures and when you touch it you get hurt)


  1. Quetherman (looks like endermen but with golden eyes, green skin and instant hostile)
  2. Quethertine Skeleton (looks like wither skeleton but 1 block taller and is orange. It's only weapon is a Sapphire Sword)
  3. Quetherbomb (looks like golden primed TNT but doesn't blink, has golden Creeper legs, golden enderman hands and explodes whenever they like without dying)


  • You have to defeat the Quethertine, the boss mob of the Quether that looks like an orange mix of an enderman and iron golem to exit it.
  • The Quethertine has 400 HP, and achieves a charge in 200 HP which makes it more dangerous and self-defensive.
  • The Quethertine spawns the Quetherbombs, Quetherbombs don't spawn naturally at all.
  • Quether Sapphire Ore has the same spawn rate as iron ore and in Quether layers 18 and below.
  • Sapphire Swords, Tools and Armor have 37 more durability as iron ones, meaning they have 288 durability
  • Sapphire Swords have 9 HP damage.
  • Sapphire Tools have 7% more efficiency and mining speed than iron ones.
  • Sapphire Helmets give 2 full chestplate icons defense, chestplates give 4 and a half, leggings give 3 and a half and boots give 2.
  • Sapphire Helmets look much like Chainmail Helmets when worn; no nose guard and covers the entire left, right and back sides of the head.
  • Sapphire Dust can be made into Quetrinitrotoluene (or QueTNT) by using the same recipe as TNT but using Sapphire Dust and Quetherstone instead of Gunpowder and Sand, respectively. QueTNT is not made to confuse Minecraftians with Quetherbomb.
  • QueTNT is teal TNT with "QTR" instead of "TNT" written on it. QTR stands for QueTheR.
  • Quethertine, when defeated, gives you the Quethertine Egg.
  • Quethertine can fly.
  • To spawn the Quethertine (you should let yourself stay in the dimension) you need 4 sapphire blocks and a Quethertine Skeleton Skull.
  • Like the Wither, it has "invulnerable" and "normal" states. The invulnerable state is blue with an orange head, and the normal state is orange, like usual.

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