Pilot is the Pilot episode of Minecraft : Revenge of the Wither.


Steve is digging in the ground as Piggy walks by and watches Steve from the edge. Steve creats a mine and sees a bedrock, not knowing what it is. He stands on a block next to it to be sure that he will not pass way. He breaks it and leads to The Void. Steve tries to not fall in it, but up there, some person, wich seem to be Admiral Bones and a Ghouler, push Piggy in the mine and he falls in The Void. The Wither is heard laughing, revealing that he was behind this, and that he ordered Bones and the Ghouler to do so  Steve shouts and starts crying. The Wither is heard laughing again, and Admiral Bones and the Ghouler leave. Steve jumps in the Void too to save his pet pig. Steve is falling in the Void eternally. Everything floating there gets sucked downwards. Steve and Piggy land on a space station. Steve thinks it will fall downwards and gets scared by only the tought, but the space station is permanent and keeps levitating in place. Mr. Explosive suddenly lands on the station and tries to push Steve and Piggy off the station, but Moomoo, who fell in the void too, starts acting like a bully and pushes Mr. Explosive in the Void. The color palette changes from black to sky blue and someone, wich is actually a Villager, creates a rope and the trio escapes the void.


  • Steve (*)
  • Piggy (*)
  • Moomoo (*)
  • Ghouler (*)
  • Mr. Explosive (*) 
  • Admiral Bones (*)
  • Wither (*) (**)

(*) - First appearance

(**) - Cameo appearance

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