In the original


In CreationBeTheWorld23's version, The Noob and the Pro: From Noob to Pro before changing his skin


In CreationBeTheWorld23's version, The Noob and the Pro: From Noob to Pro after changing his skin

The noob was a spaceman when he crashed on Planet Minecraft and then he get bad speeling ability and he build a  house and play minecrfat until The Pro comes then he get kill over and over then go inna nether and get stuck. then he die and pro keep kill him. He eventually killed the pro and when he tried to raid the pros base the pros soldiers kileld him. Then he evesdropped on a conversation betwenn the Pro and his Leftenant. he was caught but escaped because of te other prisner kill him. He then found an iron golem building diamond huts around his base. In CreationBeTheWorld23's version the noob spawned in, was taught to play by a pro and thus became a pro.

Read: The Noob and the Pro for more!


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