"Worst Heroes Ever"


The Mysticals is a fanmade movie made by User:Williamcost. It is being made and developed WiL and 20th Century FOX (not really). The movie is about a group of Minecraft creepypastas coming together to stop the bigger threat. It is inspired by Suicide Squad the movie. 

It is quite an action packed movie and loads of stuff go down. We discover the secrets of these creepypastas. And who they really are. It is a comedy (slightly), action, adventure movie. Its the first movie of WMCU (Williamcost's Cinematic Minecraft Universe). It hits theatres on December 18th 2016.


Null, Entity 303, yrinaB (I know he isn't real), Ghoul, Blood-Steve, Death, Dooms Day, Jax and X-7 are assigned by Notch Dawnter to eliminate a certain target, a mystetious creature by the name Herobrine that lurks the planet. This ragtag group of villians do lose communication with Notch (via actually tech). And then the powerful team are left on thier own to continue this adventure only to find out that there's more to the mission than they think and that a huge danger is heading to Minecraftia....

Note: The page isnt complete yet, and is still under construction...

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