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Otherwise known by his name Hons Beton, is a mysterious killer and griefer among the minecraft world. Barely any know his name since he mostly kills his victims and is mostly silent. Sneaky and agile, this is not the person you want to face with, most people who lived to see him run towards the other way even though most end up dying. He has existed since the century of Alpha and Beta and every day, develops more griefing and destroying methods.

His origin was being part of the Human Mob Tribe, a group of the hostile forgotten human mobs who killed other players. The tribe and all members were destroyed as they disbanded in the stages of Beta 1.8, but The Mysterious Destroyer was the last human mob. He looked for someone who would help him and suddenly he found a mysterious being to that he could call master. No one knows who his current leader is and no one knows anything about him. Ever since they disbanded he has a grudge on normal humans, villagers, and golems and wants to wipe them out clean from the overworld. He sometimes gets bored and ends up just trying to kill himself, which he never does. He has set villages on fire, broke iron and snow golems and explode almost anything. He sees griefing as his job or hobby and that it's completely fine, despite being a griefer, he also has grudges on other griefers and almost anyone that comes in his way. Despite being a human "mob" even though they probably want to destroy him, he sees the only beings he can trust are hostile mobs.