(Setting: A Minecraft Forest with Trees and Lava Pits at Night Time)

(A date shows up on the screen "May 18, 2009") (Two Human-like figures shoot by the screen)

(Markus' is wearing a brown shirt, grey pants and black shoes and also has a beard. James is wearing a cyan shirt, purple pants and grey shoes)

Markus: You sure it's here James?

James: Positive...

(Markus and James go into a hole and they see pressure plates.)

James: Heh heh, did they think we were that stupid Markus: Hey check this out.

(Markus takes out a bow and it has the name "NOTCH" on it, Markus shoots the pressure plate and they arrows fly accross the dispensers on the sides.)

James: Alright we did it.

(Markus and James walk across and come across a shiny object)

Markus: There it is we found it.

(A glass box shows a shiny diamond with a sign on the bottom called "The Sacred Diamond")

James: Alright get it and lets get out of here.

(A person comes out of nowhere and kicks James off of the platform into the lava)

Markus: James! Damn it.

(Markus grabs a brown bag and grabs the Diamond)

(It shows James falling into the Lava and then last second his eyes turn into a glowing white color and his voice becomes deeper)

James: YAH!

???: AH!

Markus: Yeah James we did it now lets go.

James: Who's James. I am no longer James call me, Herobrine... Your worst nightmare.

Markus: Uh. Yeah James this isn't funny

(Markus is now sweating in fright)

Herobrine: This is now the end of you Persson!

(Herobrine grabs an arrow and stabs Markus in the chest and blood comes out of his mouth)

Markus: UGH!

Dante II, Cooper and Leo: Markus!

Dante II: RAH!

Herobrine: Heh... Heh... Looks like your friends arrived

(Herobrine Charges a Blast and Kills Dante II, Cooper and Leo) Herobrine: Heh... Heh... No It's time to make chaos happen...

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