Masked Man In-Game

The Masked Man's In-Game Appearance

The Masked Man is a mysterious man in a mask, and a character in Mailjesuru's "Sandstone Creepers".


The masked man appears as a default minecraft skin, with lighter colored hair, white eyes (like Herobrine ), and a grey mask over his eyes. His shirt is a light grey, his pants are a light blue, his shoes are a lightish brown, and he wears a black cape.


He is very mysterious and enigmatic. He appears to be hostile towards the protagonists, exhibiting behaviors such as stealing their stuff, burning their base, and other things of the like.




His gear varies, and he tends not to have the same items often, as he either makes more or steals more, and/or loses his current items.



  • He is based on the masked Minecraft skin from the Minecon banners.
  • He takes the place of Maskey from Marble Hornets.
  • He is also inspired by Griefers.