A story made by TheChromePerson.

Chapter 1

A blacksmith rose from his slumber and an elderly old man in robes came up to his bed and asked him to create an amulet. The blacksmith accepted and crafted the amulet. It was the Hood Amulet. The robed figure took off his robes and revealed hmself to be a hooded figure. The figure stole the amulet and ran off. Later, Village theif Raxz stole the amulet from the figure. The hooded figure was taken away by the village police.

Later, The hooded figure escaped the stronghold and stole the amulet back, nearly killing Raxz, and found a shelter named "CraftBattles", which was a national Minecraftsport, and this was it's hub that it is played in. The hooded figure used the amulet to create Enchantus, a legendary diamond sword. The figure defeated all who challenged him with a single swing. It used every enchantment to exist until it drove him to insanity. The sword was buried under Notch's Temple. Raxz eventually found the sword and used it to rule the world for ten months until it drove him to insanity as well. The sword and him were never heard of again.

Present day, a hero named Rat saved the village from the mob's attemps to slay everybody again. With one arm. Because his other one was damaged and is, like, covered in bandages and casts right now. "We'll slay you one day, just count on it. Look at my eyes as I go now. Goodbye." An Enderman said.

To Be Worked On

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