The Laughing Creeper is a psychotic griefer, who's face is disfigured into a creeper-like grin.
The Laughing Creeper

The Laughing Creeper


The Laughing Creeper looks like a normal minecraftian, dressed like a witch. However, his face has been chemically disfigured so that he has white skin, purple eyes, green hair, and a grotesque smiling creeper-mouth.


Laughing Creeper is 100% psychotic, and lives to destroy. he enjoys robbing, killing, bombing, and poisoning everything, and wants nothing more than to destroy Gotham and/or throw it into total chaos.

Powers and abilities


He is well adapt at brewing, and can make several poisons.


He has an almost infinite supply. Where he gets it all is unknown.

Hunters Handgun

He wields a hunter's handgun, with several different types of ammunition.



  • The Laughing Creeper is based on the JOKER.
  • He is also inspired by israphel.