Once there was a guy, who wanted to rule Minecraft. He wanted to destroy everyone's loving for Minecraft!

John, was aka MinecraftVilian54754, was needing to destroy everyone's love for Minecraft. He grinned, and got online. He was a worker at Mojang, helping Notch and Jeb and all of the workers there make updates and stuff. But he was tired of it. So he was gonna destroy it. He started to make the blocks all circular. When he got on, the water, grass, everything was a circle. He got off of the game, and did another update: no Ender Dragon. Then he did a new Mode: Hell. Hell was like the Nether, except it had Death as the boss, and evil people were his minions. The first guy that found the mode said: "Oh, let me try this!" and after, he shut off the game. Notch saw the number of people that have the game downloaded go from the highest ever, 15,749,522 to 9,000,853. Notch screamed the worker that was tired of working for him. "HENRY JOATHAN!!!!" Henry tried escaping but the doors were locked. "Y-y-yes s-sir?" He stuttered. Notch threw him out the window. "You're fired." Notch said. And that's how Notch saved Minecraft. (Not real)

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