The Guy With The Hoody Thingy is a mysterious figure going to be featured in an upcoming story by TheChromePerson.


The Guy With The Hoody Thingy found a legendary sword named "Enchantus" and used it to defeat everyone in the sport known as "CraftBattles". The Guy With The Hoody Thingy went insane with power, and he was never seen again. Enchantus was kept under Notch's Temple for centuries until a jester found it named Raxz. Raxz went insane and took over the world, before the sword drew his inner insanity too. The sword, The Guy With The Hoody Thingy, and Raxz were never heard of again.


  • The Guy With The Hoody Thingy was based off of Hoody from Marble Hornets.

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