Main Story

Steve was walking in the woods, seeing the craters Nidarc, Herobrine and some creepers have done. He swam in the ocean, but felt something under his feet. Below him was a teal book, seeming not to be destroyed by the water. He picked it up. The book's label was "_____'s Diary". The name was erased, and only some parts of it were seen.

The book.

Page 1

"I saw this book lying down in front of me. I picked up, and wrote the label '_____'s Diary'. I slept afterwards. Directly at 20:00 or very early dawn (as we all know Minecraft has 20 minute days), I woke up from a scary dream I was in since 19:45 last night. I was surrounded by endermen and creepers. I tried to fight them all, but I couldn't move. 45 minutes later. I just woke up from the dream. I just slept again, got the same dream, but scarier. There were also zombies, skeletons, all types of spiders, and behind the hostile group was a black dragon, and a black skeleton with three heads, no arms and no legs on it. Slept again, and finally, I reached the time I was supposed to wake up. 9:00. Ate breakfast, only scrambled eggs with mushroom stew. 11:00 when I started to eat lunch. As usual, rice with beef and pineapples. It was yummy! Though I saw a person walk by. Exact replica of Steve, my friend, but with light in front of his head. "Hello?" I asked. I asked and asked, each attempt getting louder, but he did not respond. He turned, I saw his white eyes, and he suddenly dissolved. I was creeped."

The date was erased.

Page 2

"I woke up again after another dream, where I saw the man before, fighting with Notch with his diamond sword. Notch did all ways to fight, but Herobrine always dodged. Herobrine did all ways to fight, but Notch always dodged. And I saw the same thing in front of my house, behind the vast crowd of trees, grass and flowers. Notch had Steve and his wolves as companions, while Herobrine had Nidarc and his endermen as companions."

The rest, including the date and page number, was erased.


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