Herobrine paced up and down his room frantically, yet slowly. A pain had been growing in the side of his rib cage, and he knew why. The townspeople, however, weren't bothered at all, in fact, the entire nation seemed fine. There had been great peace after Herobrine and Notch had allied to defeat the MYST, but the victory came at a price. Herobrine had lost his brother, who had sacrificed himself to save Minecraftia. He, himself, was weakened as well. He was stabbed by the MYST in it's dying hours, but he knew well that it would return again, stronger than ever. Something his deteriorated body would have no chance of defeating. His only hope was to find and recruit someone who could take his place. He had stopped pacing about, he knew what he would have to do. He sat down at his desk and produced a pen and three journals. He filled the journals with knowledge on how to defeat the MYST. He then took out a recording device and an empty record and began to record a message. The message contained to coordinates to the journals. With an uneasy, but accomplished feeling, he left his post and journeyed onward, he was off to confront the MYST.