The Dark Sword is a sword that deals out 6 1/2 damage and gives you 50 walk speed. It is more durable than a diamond sword by about 2 times.


The Dark Sword originally was one of the 3 legendary swords of The Mage Guild. Around 3 millennium ago, they were lost.


Only 500 years ago, in 1613 did people begin to look. After nearly 35 years of searching Commander Steve and Archie figured out where they were. A fierce battle happened after a 20-day trek and resulted in Steve winning, killing Archie. 5 years later, Steve died of a disease unknown and it was believed to come from the sword.


Somewhere in the forest lies one of Steve's relatives. After you find him he will warn you that it yields great power.


  • This was one of the three legendary swords, the second released.
  • You must battle him using only a wooden sword to get the dark sword.