Storyline: Steve is a young boy with his best friend Cody. This little story is 10 years after the events of The Haunting By Herobrine.

Steve and Cody were walking home from the Mining School founded by Stevie Balginio, the Minecraftian hero. It was snowing. They played in the snow, and came to a 10 foot drop. 'Woah, dude,' said Cody. 'What's the time?' Steve looked at his watch. '4 o clock,' he said. It was the 10th February, the actual day creepers first ever appeared in Minecraftia, and the day that creepers gathered. About 20 creepers would gather. 

The two ran down the drop to see a creeper. The sun shone, and the snow eased off. The two looked curiously, and more creepers came walking. Much more than twenty. They ignored Steve and Cody, and instead, looked at them. They were standing there, and then walked in circles, until millions of them came and circled around Steve and Cody. They walked past, and stroked their heads against the shoulders of the two. It seemed as if they were being kind. For hours, they stood there, making rituals.

It was a miracle...

Creeper army LK

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