A massive hive....home to many creepers of diffrent types. Includeing an ADMIN BOSS.

creepery creeps

creepy creeper

mutated creeper

chaotic creeper

haxor creepor

the creeper overlord (admin boss!!!!)

not creepery creeps

boom cow

creep sheep



god creepers (evil)




the BOOM master

god creepers (freindly)



........there arent very many good creeper gods....and none that are powerfull

god creepers (slain)

the creepinator

creeplexmatrazixlia the destroyer of minecraftia


legend of the creeper hive

One day in 1999....

Hey bob im going mining! I said to my freind as i ran out the door. I went to our quarry by the house.

What i saw next was a giant creeper with arms captureing me and putting me in a bag. Then i blacked out.

About 5 hours later i woke up. Hey this isint-oh right..........i got up to my feet. Now i wished i hadent killed the creepinator. I was in a EXTREMELY high-sucureity jail with creepers alll over. Just one person escapes and every one explodes.

3 days later im still in the prison thinking of a plan. I saw that there was an open window behind me man these creepers are dumb i thought. i climbed out the window and went home.

(narrator comes in) Unfortunatly that efected positively on the creepers. they blocked the window with bars and sealed EVERY way out. the next pesrson to get captured will hopefully be ready to be a test subject!