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The Craftverse Team (also known as TcV or The Craftverse Crew) is a team that works on various things. It is a subsidiary of Craft Media Cast International.


Users that appear inactive


  • Team Leader,leads the team and does everything else
  • Writer,writes things such as books or stuff
  • Character/Idea Creator,creates characters or other ideas
  • Designer,designs idea with programs such as MS Paint or Adobe Ideas
  • Art Designer,designs Art such as logos

Team Works

Image Name Crew Role Released (this is not always true and just part of the fanon)
TheCraftverse The Craftverse Angrydroideka10 (manager),CreationBeTheWorld23 Primary project September 15th,2012
225px The Noob and the Pro: From Noob to Pro CreationBeTheWorld23 (creator),Angrydroideka10 (writer) Project of CreationBeTheWorld23 September 25th,2012
Minecraft Specials Angrydroideka10 (creator and writer) Former primary project September 27th,2014
Invasion of Earth series Angrydroideka10 (creator) Other project April 9th,2013

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