The Bat-Man1

I am vengeance, I am the night!

Bruce Wayne, A.K.A. The Bat-Man is a grief-fighting vigilante who dresses like a bat.


When bruce was just 8, he witnessed his parents get shot down by a griefer with a hunters handgun. Traumatized by this incident, bruce swore to avenge his parents by fighting all griefers. He traveled around the world, learining swordsmanship, arhcery, brewing, crafting, theatrics, and detective skills. Eventually he returned to his hometown of Gotham to fight griefers. However, his first couple of nights, the griefers were'nt scared of him, and they quickly got away. Then, one night while he was sitting in his library, a bat crashed through the window. Taking this as an omen, Bruce decded to make a bat costume for his war on crime.


Bruce looks like a nroaml human with blue eyes, and balck hair, with no beard. He wears a black suit, with a purple tie.


As Bruce Wayne, he acts like a typical minecraftian billionair, acting liek he's all that and a bag of chips. This, however, is a farce, to hide his anger and darkness and stuff. He sevearly hates griefers.

Armor & Gear


He wears custom armor made out of meteorites, painted to be dark brown like a bat, with the emblem of a bat on his chest, and a custom helmet that has bat-ears on it. He also wears a dark brown cape, that resembles bat-wings.


He has bat-shapped boomerangs that he throws at enemies.


Bat-Man is proficiant in hand-to-hand combat aswell.


He carries with him multiple longshoots to help him scale walls/buildings/mountains/castles. It aso helps him leap across buldings.


The "Bat-Man", having been trained by ninjas and thieves, is skilled in theatrics.

Smoke Blocks+Enderpearls

He carrys with him blocks that emit smoke, whilest disguising themselves as the blocks arround him. He then can throw enderpearls to make it look like he vanished in a cloud of smoke.

Ninja Dagger/Trickster Dagger

Bruce uses these two daggers to turn invisible, teleport slightly, or create copies of himself to fool enemies.


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