This is the Prologue to The Age Before series


In the distance, a large group of figures approached the tall hill before them. One of the figures in particular sped ahead of the rest of the group, suggesting that this was their leader. As the group drew nearer to the hill, one could see that they were a group of Ancients. The first Ancients.

The leader, riding an Equina, the predecessor to the Horse, screeched to a halt as he reached the base of the hill. He slowly and majestically climbed his way to the hill's summit, and subsequently drew a large stick that he was carrying on his back. This stick was about 2 metres long, and there was a large piece of fabric wrapped around it. After unwrapping the cloth, it was revealed that the stick was a flagpole. The leader raised the pole before stabbing it to the summit of the hill. When the people arrived with their carts filled with building material, he began his short but solemn speech.

"From this day forth," the leader declared loudly. "This land shall be known to all as the motherland of our people!"

The leader's subjects screamed with joy and pride before grabbing a stack of wooden logs each and beginning to build a large wall around the hill.

The process took several days, and when the people were finished, everyone helped to build their houses, then helped the leader to finish his, which replaced the flag on the summit of the hill.

As his people turned in for the night after total completion of their village, the leader looked on lovingly and boldly at it. It was then that he realised that his people were destined for greatness.


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