Testaficates are one of the major race's in minecraftia, who evolved from squids.

Basic Testifacates


A basic testifacate

These are the basic breed of testifacates. They tend to form villages in which everyone has a job. Jobs include: Farmer, Blacksmith, Butcher, Miner, Merchant, & Preist. They worship Notch , and use emeralds as currancy.


Witch Grass

A Witch

Witches are testifacates born with some ender-energy. They exell in potions, and tend to be solitairy. They grow warts from exposure to chemicals, and have magical noses that can tell them when someone is near/smell ingrediants/ect. Due to the ender influence,they have pale skin and purpleish eyes. They worship Cthulhu .

Half Witches

Half witches are half witch, half player. They don't have the large noses that are common among all the breeds of testifacates. They do however have the magical powers.



A Summoner

Summoners are born with even more ender power than witches, and are able to hide their purple eyes. They can manifest ender-energy into spawn eggs, and use them to their advantage. If they come into contact with too much ender energy(eg. an eye of ender), they will become corrupted and try to kill people.