The list of Villager types in Orangecraft.

Tweaks to Villagers and Villager Realated

  • Zombie Pigmen chase Villagers to Infect, they turn into Normal Zombie Pigmen when infected.
  • Villages sometimes has a Nether Portal next to it.
  • A little Ender House made out of Obsidian may spawn in the end with a Ender Villager inside.

Smart Villager

Smart Villager is a type of Villager, they roam only Plains Villages and will trade you with Iron and Gold Tools/Armor and Food. (mostly golden apples for a diamond)


They have a Orange Shirt, with cyan eyes.

Explorer Villager

An Explorer Villager is a type of Villager, they roam caves and nether fortresses, causing Nether Portals to generate near Villages.

He trades Diamond Tools and Food, rarely he trades Armor.


They have a White Shirt, with black eyes. There is a Diamond Pickaxe on his back.

Ender Villager

Ender Villager is a type of Villager, they roam the end inside a Ender House and will trade you random blocks, sometimes he will give you ender pearls.


They have a Dark Dark Dark Black Shirt, with purple eyes.


These Villagers can teleport if they will be hit by any mob. You need to kill it with Water, Lava, Rain, Fire or TNT.


Version Notes
Indev 0.3.4 Added Smart Villager, Explorer Villager and Ender Villager, also added Zombie Pigmen Infecting, Nether Portal Spawning and Ender Houses.